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2022 Independent Accountability Panel Update

10 May 2022

Following a 3-Year Strategic Review, the Energy Charter will place greater focus on cross-sector collaboration through our #BetterTogether initiatives to continue to deliver better outcomes for customers at a time of unprecedented change in the energy industry.

Full Energy Charter signatories will continue to focus on accountability publishing annual signatory disclosure reports demonstrating how they performed against the Energy Charter principles. Building on the gains made over the last 3 years, the accountability framework will leverage existing business’ stakeholder consultation structures, rather than through the Independent Accountability Panel. We thank Clare Petre, Chair and panelists Andrew Richards and Cassandra Goldie for their hard work and commitment, and ongoing support for the Energy Charter.

2019-21 Independent Accountability Panel Reports

The Independent Accountability (IAP) Reports detail the IAP’s assessment of Energy Charter full signatory achievement of better outcomes for Australian energy consumers in as part of the Energy Charter disclosure process from 2019-2021.