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Independent Accountability Panel

About The Energy Charter Independent Accountability Panel

The Energy Charter Independent Accountability Panel is the accountability mechanism underpinning the Energy Charter. Our role is to constructively evaluate individual performance of the energy businesses that sign up to the Energy Charter and the whole energy sector over time against the Principles in the Energy Charter. 

Our Panel

The 2020-2022 Independent Accountability Panel reviews Energy Charter signatories’ annual disclosures, interviews the CEOs and engages with key stakeholders through forums and submissions to produce an annual Independent Accountability Panel Report focused on encouraging continuous improvement in the energy sector. 

Clare Petre

Panel Chair

Cassandra Goldie

Panel Member - Consumer representative

Andew Richards

Panel Member - Commercial and Industrial end-user representative

2020 Industry Disclosures

As part of their commitment to the Energy Charter, signatories disclose how they are delivering against the Principles and principles in action through public disclosures. The 2020 Energy Charter signatory disclosure reports are now available for download.

Public Consultation

A key part of the Panel’s evaluation is its public consultation process including Stakholder Forums providing household and business customers the opportunity to discuss how the Energy Charter signatories are performing for their customers and what would deliver better outcomes for all customers.