The Energy Charter Independent Accountability Panel calls for customer feedback on energy company performance

The Energy Charter is an industry-led, whole-of-sector initiative to address customer expectations of the energy industry. Energy businesses across the energy supply chain have committed to this initiative to progress the culture and develop the solutions required to deliver energy in line with community expectations.

The Energy Charter Independent Accountability Panel was established to assess the progress of the energy companies that are Signatories to the Energy Charter Principles.

The Panel has received the second year’s disclosures from the Signatories to the Energy Charter and is now seeking customer and other stakeholder feedback on these reports from the Signatories on their progress in delivering on the Energy Charter Principles.

The 2020 disclosures are available on the Independent Accountability Panel’s website

The Chair of the three-person Independent Accountability Panel, Clare Petre, said the Independent Accountability Panel is looking forward to hearing from residential customers, businesses, and other stakeholders to help the Panel assess performance of the Signatories against the Energy Charter Principles.

Clare Petre said that the Panel is keen to hear from customers and stakeholders about the extent to which the industry is becoming more customer centric and building trust.

“The Independent Accountability Panel’s role is to provide an independent view of the Signatories’ performance in delivering for their customers against the Energy Charter Principles and to identify areas needing further improvement. The experience of customers and other stakeholders is central to our understanding of the impact of the Charter and to guide our assessment,” said Clare Petre.

After reviewing the disclosures and customer and stakeholder feedback, the Independent Accountability Panel will publish a public evaluation report at the end of November 2020.

Customers and stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the disclosures by attending one of the Panel’s Industry Disclosure Forums to be held October 19-23, 2020: Register now. You can also write to the Independent Accountability Panel by 5pm Sydney time on 30 October by sending your submissions to or via our Contact Us page.